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    Hey whassup man, this is D-E-L once again
    I'm here to tell you a little story about this motherfucker
    who keep runnin his big ass mouth
    You don't know me, motherfucker
    Shut your ass up, 'fore I slap the lips off your motherfuckin face
    Man, you got a big ass mouth!
    You know what?

    Fools is hella talkative, saying how I walk and live
    Always trying to start the kid, wishin that we all can give
    a small interview, just a subterfuge
    Wanna hook up with you so they can say 'whatchu do'
    Get your own life, live your own legacy
    Why you wanna spread my rees, talking 'bout my girls pregnancy
    Professor, I guess you never learned your lesson
    When you saw me out drinkin at the bar,
    you said I was sexin this other ho
    Chuck D, what a brother know
    about my beeswax, runnin off with your feedback
    Who I smoked weed with? Who I smoked crack with? (false)
    How I sexed every girl you know without no prophylactic
    Fool, I'll be in the house and that's it
    On the rap tip or studyin, unlike you
    You quite new, no game
    I understand you a youngster, wanna be hustler
    Undercover buster
    Can't believe I trusted ya - but that goes to show
    how fools fold getting jelly off the dough, yo!

    [Del's imitation]

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