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    It's D E L the Funkee Homosapien  
    to the rescue  
    I'm solo and threw a bolo and left two  
    dancers back on Soul Train  
    and ya know Soul Train get the phat doodie stain  
    now what ya gonna do with the board with no talent  
    using step 1 & step 2 to keep the show valid  
    let's have a vote and try to register our ballots  
    and realise a Hammer's just a mallet  
    toss him like a salad cause he ain't truly gifted  
    now the party's lifted by the crew HIEROGLYPHICS  
    golly-wolly, not another Elvis & Priscilla  
    Ice is cool, but I can't stand Vanilla  
    because he takes a style and tries to mock it  
    ain't nothin' personal, G  
    but I'm kinda inta chocolate  
    it's all about the black  
    and it's like that  
    and I'm so laid back cause I smoked a phat sack  
    plus I'm almost through & done with a whole 40-dog of Olde English  
    now I peep ya concept  
    ya think ya got a rep?  
    Dance all day, while I'm pissin' on your steps.  
    "Oooh, oooh, pissin' on your steps..."  
    No Del  
    is not a mean fellow  
    just because I wanna turn your dance shoes yellow  
    see I'm rather mellow  
    some call it lazy  
    me & myself  
    and I ain't with the daisies  
    cause I'm no g_ddam flower  
    and every single dancer in circumference  
    receives a golden shower  
    I'm here to insult the  
    hip hop John Travolta  
    ya think ya all that  
    but really you're shorter than a midget  
    I don't fidgit, with the ballet,  
    CUBE: Phuck a dancer!  
    DEL: Because that's what my pals say  
    and brothers don't shake ya rumps  
    wearin' biker shorts is like chokin' on ya nuts  
    because ya might end up with a cramp or a hernia  
    and that's much worse, than a fine girl burnin' ya  
    plus it ain't fly for you to have your behind  
    blasted all out like a feline  
    see I'm givin' you advice  
    make ya think twice  
    cause dance groups don't last past Minute Rice  
    so change ya conept  
    acquire some skills on the mic while I'm pissin' on your steps.  
    "I gotta take a leak for the weak... (REPEAT

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