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    This is real hip hop no no phony franchise  
    When and by a landslide and you know you can't hide  
    This is D E L not no phony franchise  
    When and by a landslide and you know you can't hide  
    This is Hieroglyphics not no phony franchise  
    When and by a lanfslide and you know you can't hide  
    Verse 1:  
    Del d  scuba diver wet suit  
    Who survived to get loose  
    Brewin' in the test tubes  
    To the rescue, extra edition process to get you all stressed  
    Step onto my office, that's what you call fresh  
    It's more like some soft breasts  
    If i stopped ces, I'll probably leave them coughless  
    Test it, just to see if ya'll restin'  
    I'm blessin' the beat just like if I was the best man  
    Yo, yo missin' in the public school distict  
    Get a book and do the physics, yo I got a cool image  
    Like Hendrix, my ?kid sets? can funk up to my index  
    Bench press rappers doing sets with my syntax  
    Ain't nothin' new motherfucker man I been black  
    Impact, remember Malcom X wore a pimp hat  
    You paper chasin when you make it then you spent that  
    That's your whole life you shoulda never ever been rap  
    Wanna be gangster fool around and get your friend capped  
    Talkin' hella shit my brother trying to buy a ten sack  
    Man, just call me amphibious, submerging so deep  
    Yanking curtains on these idiots  
    Walking 'round oblivious, more than annoying  
    Everywhere I turn a black life is destroyed and  
    Times is getting tough gotta sign for unemployment  
    Walkin' round the town all annoyed and bent  
    Out of posture from sixteen blunts, a pint of vodka  
    Intoxicated some of ya'll call it faded  
    With my headphones slammin' playin Iron Maiden  
    Sleepin' in the lobby at the days end  
    Verse 2:  
    I'm born storming, allure and curing  
    Your ailments with lyrical talisments  
    Here it is, for the scrutiny of every record reviewer  
    Your tutor reduce your little rhymes are non-existant  
    Meticulous methods I use to modify  
    The style you all should try  
    Posh poetics, cost effective  
    Neck and neck with sun beams  
    Transends the fabric of time, yeah there's one me  
    Named Hiero, habitual funk, fiends and freakers  
    Techniques from the major leaguers leaves you weaker  
    Right on schedule gold medalist rebellious (who?)  
    Del is, got you cornered like a cougar  
    Comin' up with new words like you must be a lumix  
    Gonna infiltrate my crew when you know you'll go nuts  
    Lactose intolerant your bauls will blow up  
    Catostrophic so deep you can't locate with metal detectors  
    Listen more then once you'll need several inspections  
    I'm sicker than a B-3 call reinertae the fact with flows that free fall  
    Reintroduction the classic material that last with imperial  
    Props and pop ???  
    Hotter than coals tread and your feet will melt like plastic  
    I castrate contenders  
    With a crew that got more power than the westcoast Avengers  
    Sit and let your ears swim in the splendor  
    Verse 3:  
    Mouth watering musical madness  
    More bomb than Bombay and Glad bags, get mezmorized  
    Spellbound Del sound profound  
    Hip hop essentials mandatory for the mental  
    I used to be dazed and confused  
    Now I'm amazed and amused  
    At life and its clever rules  
    I have compassion while other brothers askin' for trouble  
    Brain damage got a rebuttle  
    Yo, while I'm on stage pumpin' fear  
    Your over there in the corner drinking non alcoholic beer  
    Dominating, commentating moving on to great things  
    Ebracing the lunacy placing the community  
    With one, two, three or more clueless emcees  
    Magnifying music with my magnificant mind  
    That blinds with sunshine it's embbarrassing  
    Hop in the Caravan with Hiero and hit the road to take care of fans  
    You know what, I'm playin' dozens  
    It's sudden impact crib death  
    It's big threat major counter act like tazers  
    Trailblazers, we clown the name sayers  
    I crave flavorings with custom tailorings  
    Like I comunicate with aliens, it's a daily routine  
    It's never failing you fiends to get cream  
    Whether continuity the rhymes move in unity perfectly with the tunes  
    I hope it hits you soon

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