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    f/ El-Producto

    [Del]    Aiyyo whattup El-P?

    [El]    Yo whattup Del-phonic?

    [Del]    Nuthin man; I was on the bus the other day man

       tryin to listen to my Walkman

       This motherfucker all in my face

       Tryin to holla at me and shit

       I'm like, "Man - dude you just a offspring"


    I'm very interplanetary and vary with various experiments

    Gregarious with verbals for your merriment

    What El-P tell me to use, the beat di-ffuse

    You lose and get played like a mood

    I'm rude revolting leave you molting

    No thing - compares to my compadres

    We'll take it to Broadway

    It's beautiful the execution flawless

    You all wet, soggy groggy when you saw me

    But I never tire whenever I adjust my thrust

    Females blush I bring the California gold rush

    Your flow sucks, your stamina can't endure

    I manicure your lavender amatuer landed words

    You haven't heard? Cannabis analyst

    Add a twist to my manuscripts

    I'l have you sent to the showers

    Me and El-P, is superpowers like the US and USSR

    Blow you like the Deathstar

    Leave your chest scarred like Sagat

    My plot proliferates, hits you like barbituates

    in a twist of fate and splits your face

    It's the great DelTron-Z, soundbombing

    Run to mommy, I'm airin out your dirty laundry

    I'm shooting then executing you're aiming from mainstream

    Your brain tingles, strangles your lame jingles

    Bingo I bring flows that attack like wild dingoes

    Can't be pigeonholed, anything goes gringo


    Here we go - up jumps the outcast, sever the connection

    My mostly overconfident acquaintances pull numbers

    to the anti-potients and fear that I drip sick in

    And rise out of my shell to teach sick or bedridden emcees

    til they fear living

    Blockin the cocks that bust shots, spittin smitten bitches

    til the day of the locust, kitchen cutlery cuts

    DMX 16 crossfade with a strange lust

    Dr. Strangelove, born in the back of the train, fameless shame

    shared with acne pick brain pit

    Tried to capture the moment of subtle death

    Destro magnet spit - action fit into capsules

    slipped in the dirty waterway speaker cabinets

    Maximum b-boy axiom stabbin shit

    Intellectual women find that my rhyme style relaxes them

    and wonder if I fuck to the same rhyme style pattern

    It's autobahn pipe bomb glass fragment shatter

    to break new jacks at after parties for actin actual

    Factor X into your formula for fresh thoughts

    with a Megalon wingspan that bulge from the back of the text radical

    Radio time tracks flatten your flattery

    The tradition excuse used by biters; ambiguously homo

    Knotted tights and colored underwear

    that's wrapped around the brittle legs of

    things without weapons - I'm grief diseased brethren

    Swim in a sea of shit and malt liquor, feed on Excedrin

    Radiate through tenements; emcees bleed estrogen!

    Chorus: Del and El-P

    Watch insanity increase

    Break it up piece by piece

    Never weak in the least

    Think you better see a priest

    (Mortality, don't battle me, it's costly

    We the raw breed all of y'all is just the offspring)

    [El]    Yo Del kick that shit again


    Tomahawking your tom-tom club

    You tried to holler at me at my show, lookin like you on drugs

    You love the Del I'll thug you, bumpin Juvenile

    Thinkin you in style, packin like you movin now

    I move top speed, scott free with cock-D

    Knock-kneed delivery that scorches you like Lockheed

    Dr. Decibel, my deliverance is questionable

    but as far as this session goes I'm wreckin skulls

    Better check your pulse, we visionaries with this

    Scarin the shit outta record labels next to fatal

    Right beside homocide bonafied bewilderment

    Militant diligence like I'm buildin pyramids

    Peel your cap reveal your lack of flavor

    Track your pager plus your celly

    Piss on your Pele Pele, catch you comin out of belly

    Dumbin out daily, tell me, what was your rationale

    Think of matchin Del I disconect your PacTell

    My mobile code words, showboat with no hope

    for any rhyme you kick or any beat you load up

    Leave you catatonic off a bag of chronic, skanless with anthems

    Stomp your little cadence out at random


    Ran-random, ran-random

    El and Del-aphonic known to go off on a tantrum

    Now you know..

    For the backpackers, for the computer hackers

    For the misplaced famous, for all the video gamers

    For the derranged krylon stain makers

    For the ungry hungry ass verbal brain rapists

    That New York to the Bay shit!

    "Go off, go off!"

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