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    Let the buyer beware  
    and prepare for the scare of 1991  yo  
    brothers get dumb without no remorse  yo  
    gas they hand and then they thrown off course  yo  
    I coulda told ya so  
    I'm no dummy  
    girls out there will act funny for the money  
    if ya rollin' in dough  she'll treasure ya  
    instead of a pager  
    she carries a cash register  
    it's cool for the fool that just happens  
    to be a crack dealer or rappin'  
    back in the day  
    it wasn't no problem  
    cause it was ok, to just have a job then  
    but, nowadays ya gotta have the status  
    but, natives ain't goin' for the madness  
    hey, they barely outta their teens  
    16 & 17 year olds livin' like queens  
    cause, honey trips without the checks  
    and ayo  
    money trips without the sex  
    so next is somethin' that natives don't need  
    headaches & heartaches  
    and I refuse to partake  
    in money for sex  
    in any form or fashion  
    all ya hopes & dreams I'm like smashin'  
    and I know otha brothas know how I feel  
    so you can step cause (it ain't no big deal),  
    "Money for sex, money for sex, ring it up..."  
    Where, oh where did the good girls go?  
    It seems all that's left in the Meadow is hoes  
    not the kinda hoe that you use in your garden  
    yes the kinda hoe that'll make your dick harden  
    but it's more than a dolla for a holla  
    and more than a thousand for a peak up her blouse, and  
    more than a million if ya have children  
    cause nowadays girls wanna make like a killin'  
    so babies come in handy  
    and they'll just eat up your dough like candy  
    give her some Brandy  
    and let her roll around in the Benz  
    and she'll give up the crotch and brag to all her friends  
    thinkin' they can play me like a field trip  
    that's why I slugged my honey dip  
    cause that's more than I can stand  
    and I'm the man who sets it right again  
    bust they in the lip  
    and the bitch will never bite again  
    you ain't gettin' with my nubain brothers  
    cause before you even hit them covers  
    I warned 'em  
    told 'em what was up before you bitches even swarmed him  
    cause they'll be next  
    if I didn't hip my brothers to the sex  
    so you can try to rob and steal  
    but we were right on ya heels because (it ain't no big deal),  
    You say crack sellers are swell fellas  
    takin' you to school in his 5.0  
    like I don't know that your boyfriend is paid  
    ya musta told me 18 times, the other day  
    bamboo earings & gold teeth  
    and I know you must be givin' up the whole piece  
    he's just payin' for the sex  
    and I know you prostitutes is playin' with the sex  
    so who's next?  
    Don't think that you can play the Homosapien  
    cause I got plenty of friends that's like waiting in the trenches  
    and I know your intentions  
    you wanna be down with a rapper  
    so you clap your  
    thighs around my legs like a sandwich  
    but I'm not famished  
    your schemes & plots are outlandish  
    tan is the color of my skin, but  
    false is the color of your grin  
    so you can't win  
    this ain't no joke  
    and honey dip you can quote  
    note for note  
    and squeal like a billygoat  
    and tell your friends that Del is stuck up  
    but in reality  
    you phucked up  
    now nubians ain't givin' money for the sex  
    and ayo  
    nubians ain't givin' money for the sex  
    you stuck out in the cold  
    like a mole on my asshole  
    cause brothers ain't givin' up another red cent for the sex  
    now, don't you look foolish?  
    Ya gold diggin' ass looks goulish  
    pale as a ghost cause ya post high like a man is a big wheel  
    because (it ain't no big deal).  

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