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    Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Mistadobalina

    Chorus: Mistadobalina, Mr. Bob Dobalina. . .
    Mistadobalina, Mistabobdobalina, Mistabobdobalina,
    wont you quit
    you really make me sick with ya fraudulent behavior
    youre gonna make me flip and then an army couldnt save ya
    why dont you behave ya little rugrat
    take a little tip from the tabloid
    because I know Im not paranoid
    when I say I saw ya tryin?to mock me
    now you and your crew are on a mission tryin?to hawk me
    but it isnt happenin?ya fraudulent foes
    you used to front big time now I suppose
    that everythings cool since the style of apparel you adopted
    you used to make fun of but now you wanna rock it
    so you gotta kick it with the homies
    but D-E-L is already hip to your cronies
    me and CM-PX thought about this and never have we seen a
    brother who could look like Mista, Mista, Mistadobalina...
    Ooooo, ooooo, mistadobalina
    you thought ya could manipulate
    you thought you could fool me
    Ooooo, ooooo, mistadobalina
    ?_____? put me on a stump and then he schooled me
    friends can be fraudulent
    just you wait and see
    first he was my moneygrip
    then he stole my honeydip
    mistadobalina is a serpent
    dont you agree
    the little two-tima
    resembles Aunt Jemima
    with jeans and a dirty white hoodie
    seems like he wouldnt be a snake
    or would he
    disguises come in all sizes and shapes
    notice the facade of the snakes
    they all catch the vapes
    even though last year they was GQ
    took a little time before the D-E-L could see through
    the mask
    all I had to do was ask ?_____? and Kwame
    and my man responded they would bomb a
    fraudulent foe with the strength of Hercules
    the way ya on my dick must really hurt ya knees
    you need to take heed and quit being such a groupie
    ever since I did a little show in Guadeloupee
    I neva saw a groupie like you
    but what is funny is ya wanted to be down with my crew
    but D-E-L is not down with any clowns or jesters
    so I would suggest
    that ya try to impress Uncle Fester
    because ya dont impress me
    the style of dress is not the key
    its all in the mind and the heart
    so you should start
    by remembering ya gotta pay a fee

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