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    This is the intro  
    I dent foes  
    and bend them and upchuck  
    send ya outta luck phukk  
    that shit is nasty  
    I blast the mc's who try to sneak past me  
    I'm dastardly  
    I scare 'em  
    dare 'em to maneuver  
    I'm smoother  
    I will prove to all your boys that I do the  
    psychotic plot if it's necessary  
    yes it's very down pat  
    now I'm tellin' brothers brown black lighter  
    fight for ya righta  
    I incite riots if they try that shit that happen in the 60's  
    I ain'ts the whimpee  
    I simply flip the whip that holds my flow  
    so no foes will know  
    what motivates me  
    I show no race see  
    (see) it's higher  
    conspiring on mc's who tire me with wackness  
    using metaphors breaking backs if it comes to that  
    'cause I'm the one who raps  
    fillin' gaps in the space  
    perhaps there's a space for me in the world of rap  
    your girl's on my lap  
    she's on the dilznick  
    I kill shit  
    the negative feels the musical sedative  
    and I'm ahead of them  
    [Chorus: "I'm goin' tha extra mile, and I bet you smile cause tha  
    texture's wild, yeahh. . .(Repeat X2)"]  
    I only give a little ittle blurb  
    if I prefer to confuse  
    now were you enthused  
    just by the way I play with syllables  
    and still I do work  
    cause I pursue jerks  
    'til they know I'm berserk  
    quick with my quirk like Dirk the Daring  
    you can spare me the tears I ain't caring  
    just preparing for Armageddon  
    ya head in  
    a guillotine  
    is sure to thrill a mean  
    motivation ?_____? placed in a casket  
    you'll get ya ass kicked being placid  
    ask if I rips suddenly  
    I say what in the hell is you speaking  
    neva change my strange  
    way that I come about shit  
    but you doubt it  
    wanna dis the D-E then you see me and you shout if  
    I would come to you and screw you  
    you new crew  
    and you got the bitch with the mad voodoo  
    over niggas  
    because you know the vigor  
    that I use to abuse hoes  
    and foes  
    so get a  
    whiff of the splif that I'm puffin'  
    ya wanna step to me in the club  
    but I dubs  
    nothing (yeah)  

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