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    Yo yo yo, check this out man

    1 for you, 2 for me

    3 for you, 15 for me

    20 for you... now check it out


    I just won 10 grand in the Galactic

    Rhyme Federation championship, so I'm lampin a bit

    I feel like returnin to Earth and burnin some herb

    I'm sick of lookin at the inside of space stations

    Time for Deltron to take a vacation

    My expertise in aviation got us to our destination (where?)

    The East Bay

    My living quarters is completely froze solid

    I thaw it out with a heat ray

    Now I'm chillin in a sauna, pulsating jet streams

    Peeping out in virtual reality my wet dreams

    Perusing my 21st century classic comics, the fun is astronomic

    (ha ha ha) I figured since I'm here I'll renew my galactic passport

    So I'm not persecuted by no galactic assholes

    Schemers on the ave

    With their holographic hat-tricks

    Using magnetism to pick-pocket citizens

    Tourists walk around with memory apprehension glasses

    They attempt to capture

    The past tense

    Virtual junkies, burnt out and lost

    War veterans still trapped in the Holocaust

    Yes I know all the answers

    Living in my true love's arms

    I'm sittin on the porch readin Cosmopolitan

    Peepin all these dumb hoes with enhanced collagen

    I'm calling in sick today

    Big mistake

    This resulted in a final pay check and pink slip ?

    Replaced by my successor cause I missed my place

    Knowin that the Rhyme Federation will miss my face

    (fuck y'all)

    Referred to as a big disgrace

    Now I'm free-lance with more risk to take

    Now a rhymin merc, finding certified androids

    Hit a convention, signin autographs for fan-boys

    They admire

    My enhanced stanzas

    And how I dodge man-hunts

    And security cameras

    Avoided apprehension in sub-atomic dimensions

    And even more impressive cause of what we livin

    A self contained environment, I suggest I'm just a minor threat

    I see a thing of beauty fly as heck, standing by her desk

    Paid her my respects, I was too scared to try to step

    So I deployed one of my androids with dialect

    Synthesized with my voice perfectly replicated

    Asked for her name, and was she married?

    "No we're separated"


    Baby... baby you're looking real fine...

    Your behind, you got 3 booty cheeks...

    That's kind of unique for... for a ?

    What say me and you hit the hot spot over at your house ?

    I got a few sandwiches ? eaten

    Yo it's cool though, you got one eye ? trippin though

    Listen you, me and you, we gon' ?, we gon' far, go all the way to Mars

    Venus... we'll go to Venus if you want to

    Venus, Paris... ?

    Yes I know all the answers

    Living in my true love's arms (2x)

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