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    [Del The Funky Homosapien]

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    Del's back, go get ya life preserver

    Aquaman with the flow you might get murdered

    You get caught in the slipstream

    When I was fifteen

    I was ripping

    You were shoplifting

    My accent on rap is smashin'

    Emcees be past tense

    Didn't make the draft pick

    Come get ya ass kicked

    You awful

    And slothful

    I'm grease lightning

    Hit cha with shit that's uncalled-for

    Leave ya jaw broke

    Tryna simulate

    Gimme a break

    You rhyme purely functional

    Merely fills the gap

    I'm a rhymin' mercenary

    I'ma kill the track

    My brainstorm cause a cloud bust

    Bring forth a rhyme like childbirth

    Style search

    Tearin' out the whereabouts of lyrics

    Somethin' you don't care about

    I eviscerate your mental state

    Into strips of steak

    I'ma situate barbituates to get you baked

    Your feminine image is far from intimidating

    Cause my style you're imitating

    That's as sin as Satan

    Your corny insubordinate rhymes are like a porno flick

    Prepare to Edgar Allan and spread ya talent thick

    You gotta problem with balancing

    Ya equilibrium is givin' up

    Ya symmetry is imagery

    Your videos are pretty dope

    Big budget

    But my poetry you covet


    You can't fuck with

    I'm loony wit language

    This artform is truly endangered

    So I change it, never doing the same shit

    I'll make a profit off of oxygen

    Phenomenon wit no homonyms

    Hit'em wit a sonic boom

    Eradicate ya naniploom

    Procure of insert a word wit hypodermic earnest

    And leave ya burnin' like a furnace

    Poetry protagonist

    Leave you havin' strict

    Advocate of whatever I'm imagining

    That's what's happening

    Party-goers call me Yoda

    I use my force with fortitude

    Just sure to groove

    And support my crew



    Components in the lineage

    Of Hip-Hop heritage

    Where we go is limitless


    Let's follow along with the rhyme y'all

    I bet some of y'all get lost and can't find y'all

    Just on a mission to let you know that I'm raw

    With the Jaw Gymnastics verbals for your minds y'all


    I'm the difference between Hanna Barbara and Hanibal the Barbarian

    The metal stiletto ghetto cesarean

    Word carryin' clarion

    My drum kicks got blood on a steel toe

    Nasty like crud on a dildo

    For real though

    Bram bisque gets bust and break a baller for his billfold

    Better beware boy before the shoddy make ya body prostrate


    Before they dope make ya eyes dilate

    My rhymes'll gyrate


    Liquid spills covering nine states

    Liftin' crime rates

    Shiftin' earth plates

    Casual amongst the ranks of greats

    Bitch niggas get treated and took out like dates

    They lightweights

    Have dat ass beggin' for another day like Nate

    Your hard

    Boulevard facade'll get you scared

    Get cha shit served preserved

    Banned, canned and jarred

    And labeled as a fable

    Ya unstable

    My methods on the mic make money under the table

    Pay-Per-View, Digital-TV, or Cable

    By cell phone, via satellite, or right at cha label

    Hell, you can even send an email

    I rip that ass in 500K detail

    Use a seasheall

    In an ocean of emotion

    Periless notions of my delicate delivery devotion

    [Del The Funky Homsapien & Casual]

    Minimal effort make are shit sound phat


    And Smash Boogie

    We gets down like that

    You know I grab the mic

    And hit cha tit for tat


    And Smash Boogie

    We gets down like that

    (Chorus 2X)



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