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    Fun  even funner  
    I'm the gunner sub machine gun  
    it don't seem right  that they don't get my theme right  
    they don't know me  
    so we move forward  
    more words & phrases  
    my style amazes  
    come into the scene with the means to rip shit  
    my brain's power packed with the proper equipment  
    so step  
    I come inta the area to bury ya  
    I compose the flows  
    makin' people merrier  
    never the less  I sever the flesh  
    with a razor  
    reserve the major beef  
    I'ma slay ya, hey  
    you never came across a person like me  
    I never instigate  
    first come strike me  
    then I'll flip  
    and rip clothing, and I'm loathing  
    MCs who front like I don't know things  
    uh uh  
    check again  
    I get wreck again  
    on the down low  
    because you sound slow  
    retarded MCs get neglected  
    & check it  
    anytime I hafta show a foe  
    I'ma flex it  
    then I exit  
    with my records & my next shit  
    prepared, so be scared  
    I strike unexpected  
    I write rhymes in sections  
    testin' my slang  
    I bang MCs with these  
    & make 'em hang  
    dangle, what's ya angle?  
    When I strangle and choke  
    I hold Bennedicts by their throat  
    until they sing notes like a canary  
    fairy, or genies  
    we slipped out  
    they never seen me bust his face  
    I like bass when it hums  
    and that sums up my properties for the dum-dums  
    someone need to check him  
    deck him  
    slam him  
    and put him in the bushes  
    so 'shush' kids  
    no one needs to know  
    I'll proceed & go into  
    and then tell ya what I've been through.  
    "In one ear, right out the other,  
    Go tell ya sister, go tell ya mother,  
    In one ear, right out the other,  
    Go tell ya father, go tell ya brother,  
    In one ear, right out the other."  
    I would feel comfortable  
    if your front would go elsewhere  
    or disappear  
    hear my specific style that's speaking  
    creeking, making noises in the nightime  
    when I write rhymes  
    I look out my window  
    it's a bright day  
    and I might display my skills in the hills  
    or, in a different neighborhood  
    cause my flavor could  
    be the best, so lets test this  
    yes, bitch  
    I saw you posted at the pool table  
    I could never talk to you  
    but now a fool's able  
    with the best of luck  
    and, hey, how do you impress a duck?  
    By pullin' out a wad of bucks  
    I need to stop this  
    I plop this, played this  
    I murder MCs  
    & leave their pens inkless  
    do you think this is a twist  
    a turn, I insist  
    to burn those foes who haven't learned  
    to keep they mouths closed  
    Guiness Stout flows  
    through your intestines, when life is depressin'  
    I built my foundation using patients  
    some didn't hear us  
    some had to state it...  

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