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    Featuring Ice Cube]  
    Intro: *various media samples*  
    60's Frat Rock  
    Yet the economy was collapsing  
    And there's been a wave of minor bombings against Amer...  
    Gang violence is escalating  in such a manner I think  the  
    The mere violence itself has become part of  of the gang life  
    Part of the thrill  
    Verse One: Del  
    Thieves in the night  stick you in the alleyway  
    They might cause fright, they stick you up for Bally suede shoes  
    and in the news, and even on Geraldo  
    You can choose who will lose a pair of shoes (Yup!) word  
    The ones with the Reebok Pumps get their rumps rearranged  
    for their change now their down in the dumps (Yup)  
    You sprint two yards, to sport em on the first day of school  
    and like a fool, you went out like the worst way  
    They pulled out a tool, and asked you to remove them  
    quickly, I told em not to do it and they hit me (What?) in the mouth  
    with the nine, I thought they was like kinfolk (punk)  
    I never thought crime would elevate up to Twin Oaks what  
    but hey, everybody is a victim  
    Hoodz come in dozens, the magic word is (stick em)  
    When they spot you and they got you and you can't deal with em  
    All because you spent two G's on your Boomin System  
    Loud enough for the whole block to hear  
    But now they caught you at the light and you're drownin in your tears  
    (Punk you better raise your ass up out this car)  
    (Come off the car punk 'fore your ass gets blast)  
    And never was your fault that your shit was expensive  
    You shoulda bought a vault, and now I gotta mention that  
    Hoodz come in dozens, read it in the papers  
    Seems like everyone caught a little vapors  
    You can't escape em, so don't even plan it  
    Gangsta Boogie fever has taken over planet Earth  
    Now your life is worth a pair of Jordan's?  
    Now I wear Vans and my fans think I'm poor  
    When I walk down the block, with money in my sock and shoe  
    I hate you Mista Gangsta, cause everyone is mocking you  
    Now I can't get no rest because your pests keep  
    killing little children like their speakers are worth a million  
    Plus, it really is a bummer  
    Someone tried to get me for a coat last summer  
    (Your coat, check it in punk, hahah!) Damn  
    Hoodz come in dozens so watch your back  
    cause they all on the attack and you'll never know  
    when they'll show up, but when they do  
    You better throw up your hands like a fan and surrender  
    Nigga don't be a pretender  
    You ain't the Hulk G  
    Give up the cash and all the big bulky jewelry  
    (All of it) *In what, daylight?* That's the plan kid  
    They don't even care if it's Candid  
    Because passerbys mind they own beeswax  
    So they like steppin to you like yo I'll take these blacks  
    Give up your cash and your jewels without a argumnet  
    Otherwise you'll catch one between the eyes (bang!)  
    Don't play hero, cause hero plus a bullet equals zero  
    Give up your dough and cheerio old chap  
    You didn't get a cap busted in your temple  
    See, it's just that simple  
    Remember that hoodz come in dozens  
    (You're god damn right)  
    Hoodz come in dozens  
    (like thieves in the night)  
    Hoodz come in dozens  
    (punks runnin out of sight)  
    (So gimme them motherfuckin Nike's

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