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    "Hip Hop is a way of life

    A way of life To me

    Hip Hop is a way of life"

    "It is the mighty" 4X



    We'll program the spring on contact

    The real rhymes did all

    While you faker than lawnmats

    Perpetrating grass

    With your perpetrating ass

    For certain ways to gas

    Tryin to escape the blast

    Don't make me laugh (ha ha ha)

    I'm greatly ax in it

    Attack sentences

    Outline the track interest is

    Break barriers evade how it grabs

    Like a bottle, dram of malt liquor without tall pictures

    Audio visuals

    You need your own picture tube

    Don't matter if you're richer dude

    Money can't buy it

    So I guess you miss out and never get to try it

    My whole click's the flyest

    With appliances

    Of the science of the rhymin

    Ain't no one denyin' this

    ??Buying wigs?? with my word weaponry

    It's destiny

    Press on me and get a lecture free of charge now

    If you such a baller and you large then why you still here, huh?

    Let's make this real clear

    You ain't going nowhere

    You're so scared to see what's outside your house

    Survival of the fittest

    Is easier than just easing up

    But we will mix you up

    Like a cuisinart

    If you even start (Shell Shock)

    When you see what hell got

    Touch all the frail spots

    That you never thought you had

    Punch maggot

    Now I'm at it

    In my own fashion

    A ration not rational the way it happen

    Because I'm captain controller with the map and graspin'

    It's time to go and they stuck on reaction

    "To me, Hip Hop is

    A way of life, a way of life" 4X


    One two and...(Hiroglyphics)

    Two three and...(Hiroglyphics)

    Three four and...(Hiroglyphics)

    Five six and...(Here we go now)

    [Verse 2]

    Counterpart counterfeits

    I'm warning you

    Get your powder kiss

    While I show you how it is

    I'm proud of this

    See how loud it is

    Shout at your whole block with this

    The whole metropolis

    Fuck the whole earth with this

    When this with surfaces with after shocks

    You'll be a laughingstock

    Cracking top like a sports bottle

    Chug ya drug ya with dopeness

    Pass the crow's nest I flex like aerobics

    I pose threats

    The media with ingredients

    Twice as toxic as seagram's gin

    Reading palms

    Being strong

    Sneaky palms

    Tryin to reach

    I beat your whole outreach

    With speech

    And deep in the wound

    Your conscious creep in the tomb

    Speaking in togues

    Reaping the sums

    Worms do word on what you heard, you heard?

    That's absurd you're a blur compared to ??highway's?? godness

    Private stock

    Supply or not like services

    And it's like curvature

    And I heard that you're talking shit

    I'll take your carcass and slice it up

    Till it's all in strips

    Y'all sumbit that's the only way out

    Like Andre Crouch I've got you in a pouch

    Now shoo, out, shoo! (what)

    How's you what about you

    I doubt you will see your friends

    Plus you don't believe in them

    And even then its's odd

    When I flex my squad and dodge your whole charade

    Don't you watch I'm too posh off your whole platoon

    Ain't no position you can't assume

    "It is the mighty" 8X

    Yeah man, me, D-L, Doug, Shawn-Z

    Hiroglyphics gang never gets played out like

    No hoes yaknowhatI'msayin

    What about your record label man?

    You motherfuckers tryin have you

    To get all these big names so

    You can put that shit on the cover

    And sell your shit?

    Fuck that shit

    Tryin to play me like a stray Hoe

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