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    Verse 1:  
    Mack Del impetuous  
    Bust flows ?  
    Under fire like appestos  
    All MCs grip my testicles  
    Let them go  
    No  I spread your flow like metal pull  
    Utensils such as scalpels  
    Over your Adam's Apple  
    To make you alto  
    Doggin' MCs and feed 'em Alpo  
    Your plan backfires to my satires  
    Got your flow sittin' on flat tires  
    My rogues rhymes rip through your lip when you bite  
    Like a lightenin' bolt for a volt of molten mite  
    Hazardiest to the average  
    Volt and death strike  
    To your neck right  
    On target  
    Bull's eye  
    Then deflected off your neck with such velocity  
    It's sets the hip hop hostage free  
    In the terminal burnin' all MC's brains  
    Excellerated agents got you walkin' on canes  
    I'll be brief like Hanes  
    Mundane MCs get caned to retain my title  
    The vital organ donor  
    To cut through the bonona  
    My escapes let you wave through the masquerade  
    Rain with disaster man out in your play book  
    Cause they took  
    The funk merged with hate  
    And then regurgitate  
    This concludes part of what causes murder rates to bubble  
    Meanwhile I take the shuttle to this girls crib so we can cuddle  
    And listen to my subtle rebuttal the butthole  
    Words and phrases I prefer to play with  
    When occurs when I made it  
    It's never outdated  
    Help me out (x2)  
    Verse 2:  
    I stifle your mic hold your grips slips don't let all your chips  
    Throwin' away all your tips for thinkin'  
    That's dangerous  
    Leave that to the big boys  
    Sicker than Sig Freud  
    Peep, you wanna live forever but take too many chances  
    You with many can get a piece of eastside Oakland folks  
    When provokin' spoken dialects of broken English  
    that distinguish us from y'all we  
    Cause raps and own spots on the globe  
    And disrobe your bony mediocrity like Socrates  
    My Egyptian inscription shiftin'  
    Brain cells with sick inflections  
    Suckas must be simpin'  
    Hop like Lipton  
    You'll get the microphone when I'm though if then  
    I form a rap court with my siblings  
    The sort of thing that keep the crew tight  
    Even in it's new life  
    You think you're able to label the Hiero sound?  
    You still haven't found a comparable variable  
    I aim my flows they close in like smart bombs  
    Bury ya restricted areas  
    Me and my playmates we talented hip hop palatines  
    Patteling' to Sharlintons  
    Knownin' what we are to them  
    Makes us try hard to win  
    We attend the track promptly  
    Rappers wanna chomp me  
    They empty  
    I'm mega morph with mega force don't fort deceit the beat i  
    I's a treat  
    Compete at the war on the weak  
    Verse 3:  
    Del carelessly convorting  
    Over more things than tracks  
    Your skull perhaps  
    Spinal taps vinyl laps over each other you'll discover  
    oon enough how tough it is to scruff them bids  
    At accsions I'm lost in madness  
    Lacadazical but coming back to fade you ALL  
    I don't make music for the teeny boppers the coppers and proper booshy  
    Y'all can lose me  
    Or find me but keep in mind we  
    Underground when you get offended  
    As you often do when you new comers  
    Check the rap scene for a few summers  
    Then when it change you shift lanes  
    But first you mergin'  
    First you was a virgin splurgin' money on P.E.  
    Then with N.W.A.  
    But too much trouble to play  
    Mom on your ass turn that trash down  
    Your little brother getting' bright ideas in the background  
    He use to war Hush Puppies  
    Now he and his homies is dust junkies sellin' crack cross country  
    Use to be a momma's boy  
    Now you a grown man with no plan  
    All alone in the land of the free and the home of the brave  
    Free to be your own mental slave  
    Del has to have a word with you  
    Because you deserve to do what you want to  
    But mistakes come back to haunt you  
    Hook (x2)  
    Microphones settin' off (x2

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