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    It's important to practice good hygiene
    At least if you wanna run with my team
    I'm bout to get into some shit that I've seen
    This fool's breath, I mean so bad it'll melt your ice cream
    They say don't say nothing if you can't say nice things
    Sittin too close to him it burned(?) like my eyes sting
    I try to be subtle, hand him a stick of gum
    I was a victim of breath on him
    Running his yap about what sets he from
    Gotta get some gum gotta get him some
    He turned it down, his teeth was brown
    Excruciating for him and it was a new sensation
    I had to ask the dope to pass the soap
    Cuz his toe had the sniff of crustaceans
    Or bathrooms in a bus station
    He had a can of Olde E and some raisins
    Amazing...  head to toe B.O.
    He didn't know, used to the fragrance
    Just as the days went without bathing
    He felt manly and not like a maiden
    He had one dread, and fungus
    Said he worked on peoples' toilets with plungers
    Girls let the guy you were with ????
    So guys take your cue from this number

    [CHORUS] (x2)
    You gotta wash your ass, if you must
    You gotta wash your hair, if you must
    You gotta brush your teeth, if you must
    Or else you'll be funkyyyyyyyy

    Now at class you need total concentration
    But there's kids in the back holdin conversations
    Crackin on each other, and neither were poster boys
    Both of em smell like the type that soap avoids
    Coast and Joy, they leave their absence
    One's fool's feet smelled like it struck some matchsticks
    Brimstone, girls would never bring him home
    I was laughin, then his friend raised his tone
    And said,

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