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    Followers, dick swallowers
    No power over themselves, blindness
    Don't take it as a diss, take it as an act of kindness
    We wanna be in front while you fools is behind us
    Are you gonna live your whole life with blindness on your eyelids?
    Pretty boys fakin like they grinders

    First off, you a buster so mind us
    On the street with your crack thinkin your a timer
    Co-signin, findin it ain't workin
    Fiends is perkin, I seen you on Perkins
    Fools chirpin around the blocks with glocks
    And you, really ain't ready for the plot they got
    It's unbelievable the way the leave your skull on the pavement
    Snatch up your scrilla as soon as you made it
    You could be layin dead, instead you play dead
    So they would quit whoopin your ass; you get, put in the past
    Tryin to keep up with the Jones' like the mass
    N.C. baby, means you got no class

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