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    I never had real friends 'til now  
    I never had to steal endz 'cause that's foul  
    I walk the streets with the baseball bat feelin' secure  
    but I try not to incite fights that's immature  
    actions that come back to haunt  
    I work hard to get the things that I want  
    and never flaunt  
    never post where the most guys post high  
    I keep my focus towards the ground  
    and pound  
    any brother who's my ace to my face  
    even if snakes on the unda'  
    I try not to wonda'  
    trainin' my brain wit' mental anguish  
    strange, it's rather eerie  
    just a whim  
    I adjust the hymn  
    deal with the dealers and the squealers and the jockeys  
    I can take the fizz out the carbonated copy  
    imprints are made in the sand as I walk  
    dim hints reveal rather grand as I talk  
    small individuals seem larger  
    when they take charge of  
    their antics  
    makin' them gigantic  
    so you never suspect their neck bein' strained  
    so many situated thoughts in the brain  
    heavy weight gain  
    so I weight train  
    'cause to me the weight gain  
    is a great gain  
    and I hate sane individuals  
    close they nose to new aromas  
    I got the smellin' salts that are prone ta'  
    clear the nasal, daze  
    you'll probably make a raise to a new level  
    and see the true devil  
    any color ya wish because the devil takes any shape,  
    any form  
    any swarm  
    ride over your dish like a picnic  
    I think the sick shit  
    I had my wrist slit  
    like a suicide  
    but I survived  
    and you can too  
    plan to  
    live a full life free of anxieties  
    while you're at it try to keep an eye on me  
    The man with meditation skills  
    wastin' spills, lyrical liquid  
    fillin' streams  
    wit' dreams  
    and I will cream whoever seems wicked  
    oral floral arrangements  
    is strange since  
    you don't have the comprehension  
    I will stop and lynch them  
    I'm not the one promotin' gun totin'  
    'cause I contain within my brain these computations just as potent  
    the mental torturer of course you will acknowledge me  
    'cause Mr. Twister places pictures, mental fixtures of photography  
    shitty little bitties never get their clitties done, but I don't think  
    they'll resist  
    Mr. Twister  
    when I flex my verbal techs.  
    mental anorexic  
    I don't cater to the imbecile so you can bet this  
    is a brain buster  
    pain thruster  
    strain twister  
    overwhelming pressure between the temples when I touch the microphone  
    I might condone  
    the usage of abuse if it is convenient  
    I slant and lean it  
    like a lever when I leave ya mutilated  
    by my enuciated cleaver  
    I survived the ither and the either  
    now let me take a breather  
    From my own little world,  
    little girls, little boys  
    stay free of hurries  
    free of worries  
    that's riddle poised for posterity  
    where are we  
    goin' from here  
    as a ho  
    and I don't know  
    and that's the biggest feeaaar  
    when I'm flippin' into daaarknesss  
    now I'm askin' can I spark this?  
    It's D-E-L y'all  
    from Hieroglyphics y'all  
    sayin' peeeeace

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