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    Don't forget ya niggas  
    my rep gets bigger  
    and figgers on my checks  
    like Hercules  
    when I flow with ease  
    usin' lingo that'll bring mo hoes  
    front and center  
    enta this blissful twist  
    full of fun  for my niggas  
    here's another one  
    you get a hand shake  
    and take a copy of the UNA  
    we're doin' a service  
    and who are they?  
    questions and answers  
    and we can sure  
    capture the spirits in ya soul cause the man's pure  
    and furious,  
    cause curiosity killed the cat  
    why fill the gat with lead & leave a nigga dead?  
    but if you was that nigga  
    don't sweat me  
    cause if I was that nigga I wouldn't pull the trigga  
    protect yourself but don't project yourself  
    into trouble  
    cause, you'll perish, there is  
    some things I never forget  
    police sweats when we out posted like marionettes  
    we jets, unless them hands be empty  
    they lookin' for niggas, yeah  
    they not allowed to peel me.  
    "Don't forget your niggas..."  
    Don't forget ya niggas  
    even if they low down niggas  
    cause I sho found niggas  
    down on they luck  
    here's a pound, and a buck  
    and you better not spend it on no booze  
    choose what is more important  
    I'm a nigga who will ford shit  
    before it starts  
    we score with heart  
    artistic values  
    and I'll use a portion of the brain  
    other niggas is ignorin'  
    ya snorin'  
    what's up my niggas  
    Hi niggas  
    I figures  
    I'm the nigga who can rig a rhythm to ya soul  
    plain & simple  
    then pull, other tricks out my sleeve  
    and leave unseen  
    clean & slicklike  
    niggas need to get they shit right  
    for they step to HIEROGLYPHICS it might  
    prove fatal  
    so move, wait till I'm dona  
    I use fun & fabrications  
    for your imagination  
    wastin', spillin'  
    blood when I'm ill &  
    cause I take it out on others  
    not the brothers  
    just record executives  
    and I bet you give  
    up ya cash  
    when I leave you with a gash in ya ass  
    cause I had a heart when I started  
    now I departed  
    and I'm back again  
    give me ends  
    'fore I bust into ya office squeezin' triggas  
    because you, because you, cause you forgot us niggas.  
    Now peep  
    I knew a nigga that was large  
    that nigga used to rap good  
    now I'm askin' him  
    perhaps, could you tell me how you fell off  
    yet you was well off  
    but now the real niggas think ya soft  
    cause we beat rhymes  
    you can't keep up with the times  
    it seems you have styles combined  
    from other fools  
    and you'll discover who will be a real nigga  
    you da man  
    you supposed to skill niggas  
    when you say you will  
    you don't display you skill  
    and still you throw your niggas out the doors  
    scores of years ago you was bros  
    but now you got a little dough  
    and yeah you tryin' to play him like a hoe  
    but I don't think so  
    he aint a puppet  
    enough with that shit  
    take that job,  
    stuff it  
    up ya ass  
    just gimme enough for gas  
    I'm rough & I can last,  
    and get my own phuckin' cash  
    well that's that  
    and what do you get for that?  
    Ooh you dirty rat  
    how could you forget the fool  
    that was down wit ya in school  
    ya'll use ta shoot pool  
    ya sorry busta  
    never could trust a  
    nigga think he's so large  
    that nobody can thrust him  
    out the pilot seat  
    you forgot ya nigga  
    ya assed out  
    Expect it.  

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