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    As simple as it sounds  
    it's as simple as it ought to be  
    light skin girls lack the dark skin quality  
    ya don't understand?  
    You want an explanation?  
    Well let D e L release the frustration  
    as I see it  
    every single day  
    light skin girls ain't satisfied unless they get their way  
    plus they act stuck up  
    they all add up to one great big phuck up  
    they try to play suck up  
    when they want somethin'  
    then always leave a brother with nothin'  
    ya think ya look better cause ya skin's a little bit lighter?  
    You're thinkin' you're my type  
    like I was a typewriter?  
    No, ya think ya all-uh-that and all-uh-this  
    but you ain't really shit  
    without a makeup kit  
    see, ya might be light  
    but ya ugly to me  
    black is beautiful  
    to me, that's beauty.  
    "Dark skin girls are better than light skin, light skin girls ain't  
    better than dark skin,...  
    CUBE: I disagree homeboy!"  
    lets get to the problems  
    and see if there's a way to solve them  
    problem #1, has got to be the attitude  
    which is usually vain, selfish & rude  
    personality, wit 'er nose stuck up  
    so don't try talkin' to her  
    or walkin' with her  
    to class cause it's out of the question  
    cause you bein' dark is the wrong complexion  
    for her,  
    she wish she was light, though  
    I mean lighter than light  
    or as close to white as possible  
    but I fight to stay a brother  
    you see,  
    green and dark skin sisters are the color  
    this don't apply to all the girls with light skin  
    just the ones with their heads up their rear end  
    cause if ya did, static would occur  
    dark skin cuties is what I prefer  
    now, look at her  
    her vision is a blur  
    cause contact lenses only let ya see Benzes  
    plus she would fuss & cuss if I tried to talk to her  
    cause I'm a man who rides the bus  
    I get frustrated  
    well, lets say I used to  
    now a dark & lovely  
    is who I give juice to  
    so come on  
    step to Del if ya with this  
    this is the facts  
    so brothers don't forget this.  
    I can't understand  
    you light skin wenches  
    ya think ya all that cause ya have long extensions?  
    Your hair was natural  
    now ya got played out braids  
    you woulda looked better with a fade  
    dark skin girls are so fly, so honest, so sweet  
    that's the type of girl I wanna meet  
    not phony or a fake like you are  
    see, Del is bolder  
    I tap you on the shoulder  
    and say, 'Hey lighty  
    could you tap that sister for me?'  
    But you love Mr. Loveable  
    so you'll just ignore me  
    so find another tip that you can hop upon  
    to get with me ya need some sun and some Coppertone  
    you'll take a white boyfriend before a black one  
    that's why Del has to stand and attack one  
    next time you see a girl darker than you  
    no disrespct when you met her, cause the girl looked better than you.  

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