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    "It is the year 2387

    Man has relieved an overcrowded Earth

    By the establishment of planetary colonies

    In other star systems of the milky way galaxy

    The most successful of these colonies

    Is on Maris, a planet so Earthlike, that many call it Earth 2"


    Cyberpunks, MegaDel, ultra violences when I adjust

    Future phenomenon, you need to try it once

    MegaDel Cyberpunk technology such as cyberbots

    Check the rhymes I concocked, private stock

    While you jock I set a ultra security

    For MC intelligents who wanna murder me

    It's like the third degree

    The way I question my sanity

    I work on cybernetics as a form of vanity

    To protect my circuitry I stay under the canopy

    I send the special ships to finish my fantasy

    To become a bionic commando, monitor scandals

    Solar panels reflect, energy enters me

    MC's energy in the 21st century

    Soling temper release, fusable alloys like musical cowboys

    Super bomb raps, capable of alien contact

    With rhyme pacts, create galactic soundtracks

    Profound facts to word classify invoke for several decades

    By the C.I.A. or now pedal death codes on the internet

    The center's flesh, I smoke a pinner of bless and can't remember next

    Transmission control, you better listen to your soul

    When your carbon base creatures connects with technology

    Brand new species, devoid of ecology

    Totally electronic they monitor and follow me


    Escape the cold flu, still down with kung fu

    Back then they hung you, but now they fun chew

    I touch the escape key, a blue light envelopes me

    Covers me with energy and sucks me in the screen

    I met Tron, he said don't let out about the cyber universe

    Because you the first human to discover us

    Neon lasers with colorful photons

    I felt like voltron my hands turned to silver

    Probably woulda killed ya, I just lost my sanity

    My brain was enhanced with super intelligence

    Shoot the elements, we stowed with a charged beam

    Victory was our theme, packed more silicon than sardines

    Transformed into a plane like star screens

    Cyberpunk, rockin' the mic with auto targeting

    5th element, the strength of six elephants

    It was miraculous the way they pashed me in

    Quick with the lecture remains

    Testin' my phaser, I melted some glaciers, wow this great stuff

    Powered with voltage, a technofile armed with explosives

    Missiles, a crystalizer

    To freeze MC's and then shatter them with super bases

    Around relentless pound against the ground

    Like an asteroid, a metal bohemive

    More than you can dream of, a morval team of

    Both sides of the brain

    Transmuted to my physical form to ride the train

    My eyes had a neon green glow, I seen foes

    Instruments self destruction, made for huntin'


    Controllin' cyberspace like a girl's private place

    With a chassity belt, I has to be felt

    Futuristic crucifixing super diction

    With computer victims, terminated through the symptoms

    To virus', sophisticated and bizaare

    Enthrawling, I even serve smart drinks at the bar

    Bonzai, mechanical tenticles hard times

    For small fry who tried to hog the mic

    You saw the light, took all the stripes

    Stop the spying theives

    That I percieve when my optics turn lime green

    In this industrial environment, there's certain requirements

    The mental training that helps you see the Leviathon

    I'm pilotin' a giant mecca in my private sector

    My invisible forcefields of course yields

    The inner sanctum, better do the interface

    Master programmers create aircrafts that look like dinner plates

    The Zen tribe me, mob me

    I did concert on their planet for 5 G's

    Space the last frontier

    Another make you pass on beer, we hellucinagetics with speed


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