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    Scratching  random dialogue)  
    I seek souls like mines  
    so my mind finds inner peace  
    and then a beast  
    could never devour  
    my powers arrive  
    from survivors of this holocaust.  
    Please be hopeful  
    never thinkin' all is lost  
    in my sector  
    collidin' with my lifestyle  
    so I fight while they threaten me  
    sweatin' me    
    well I'm quite mild  
    the world makes me gnarly,  
    but an introvert not hardly.  
    I deal with it.  
    I feel a bit  
    under the weather,  
    I need to pull my pieces back together.  
    Fallin' apart, stallin' a heart of sincerity  
    since there will be another stoplight  
    and its not right  
    so I might go insane of this brain  
    of mine  
    maintain a line that has been tame  
    before the tempest.  
    I'm looking to my better interests.  
    I never tried to post or tried to impress  
    so why do I got to suffer  
    every single day it seems the way of the world is rougher.  
    And then you wonder why I love to hallucinate,  
    because I never ever thought I would get used to hate.  
    So I imbedded my time within my mind,  
    and rhymin'  
    was the only way I kept from bein' confined  
    to quarters,  
    sure there's good times and bad,  
    but the bad time's are overwhelming,  
    and how the hell things  
    get out of hand I ask you,  
    you have to give an answer;  
    eating at my brain like it was cancer.  
    My thought processes.  
    I got offices  
    imbedded in my skull,  
    a million secretaries actin' scary  
    when they type 200 words per minute.  
    It just occurred to me I'm in it.  
    'Cause I'm the boss,  
    the head honcho,  
    at least to this mutiny.  
    The whole idea is cute to me.  
    so I entertain it  
    and let my brain get  
    deeper and deeper  
    until it vibrates like a beeper  
    and I can't maintain it.  
    So what's the verdict?  
    It's D.E.L. the visionary and I come with the absurd shit.  
    [Break with freaky "call the operator" sample]  
    If I had not one friend I would be gooooone.  
    Way in outer space singin' one sooooong:  
    'Zippety doo dah, zippety day,  
    my oh my what a wonderful day  
    when my mind's dusted'.  
    out beyond the stars, I'm the satellite.  
    Transmittin, fit in situations that'll rattle tikes -  
    scare 'em,  
    dare 'em to go farther.  
    So then I go father,  
    burnin' my brain out with mental lava.  
    all things  
    rearrange so I never socialize,  
    when you feel my eyes.  
    The dilated pupils,  
    I violated scruples,  
    'cause I told myself I'd never do it again,  
    but now I grin.  
    Laugh on the inside,  
    men tried to strap me  
    in a straight jacket  
    when I laugh and I'm happy  
    for two hours straight,  
    these powers hate me  
    and they make me wanna cower,  
    but lately I've been feeling like a tower.  
    Tall and sturdy,  
    wordy, though I never say a word,  
    'cause when I say a word,  
    before it's like they never heard.  
    Nothing ever changes except within my cerebellum,  
    so I'll never tell 'em,  
    never tell 'em,  
    never tell 'em.  
    I'll tell it to my soul over and over  
    even though I'm locked within a room with padded walls,  
    I'm never sober.  
    keep me confined  
    to my inner thoughts  
    and this is how I lost my mind.  
    [Break with maniacal laughter

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