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    We 'bout to roll to the corner me and my crew
    We 'bout to roll to the corner and get us some brew
    We 'bout to roll to the corner and some switches too
    So we can role a fat blunt and get perfed

    Another fine day in this land I live
    Oakland we're they don't give a shit and that's it
    You know I'm sellin' they can split the profit 50 50
    With this other brother who went in half with me
    Now, first before we burst the move
    We gotta sooth our nerves with liquour then we don't ??
    We'll be relaxed ask your mama
    This shit is like a war zone
    Streets is hot like the Bahamas
    But we will stay away from the drama
    I'm wearin' my snipe, my arctic jacket with the wool like a lama
    Then we had to pause like a comma
    Cause someone got stuck and buck and family was outside with trama
    We heard the shots from inside and went there when the gats go off
    I hit the deckin' high
    And a popo said they got their own time they lie
    But you gotta give them credit they try
    I see a mother cry and I'm wondering why
    And my man said fuck it aint nothin' we can do
    But to continue our mission down the block for the brew
    And we out (yeah, yeah)

    [Chorus 2x]

    On our way we're 'bout halfway there
    Children runnin' everywhere like they just don't care
    The muslim make ?? like right in between
    And if I pass by ?? they will look at me mean
    So I ducks in and get my final call now
    Cause still my brain gotta be well and down and proud
    The ambulances signals and glances
    So let's hurry up and take no chances
    Niggas step to us trying to rap like we got all the answers
    In front of the store trying to work that slide ahead
    The pant handlers they got no ama

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