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    You gotta get a better view outside, bird's eye view inside

    I annihilate fools w/ the ???, birds eye view catch all this

    Birds eye view catch all this

    Birds eye view catch all this

    Birds eye view catch all this

    Birds eye view catch all this

    [Verse One]

    Del, You don't need much proof

    When I'm in the sound proof booth, I get loose

    Your Excellency, better than the rest of emcees, best with the beat

    My capacitors collapse your faders, when I come lackadaisical

    That's the way to go

    Smash the radio

    Pass the gravy too well I behave a fool

    High level virtual humanoid, leave your whole crew destroyed

    When I switch to manual

    Cause I don't stick to manuals

    I'm back with panic filled, Manic skills

    That weave the tapestry you can't capture me

    On video, DVD, or camera

    I mangle mice in a maniacal manner

    Feed back, fry ya scanners

    They wave white banners, like dandruff

    Hand cuffed to tracks like a prisoner

    non-visionary commentary is a listener


    [Verse Two]

    Compelling, unpredictable, how I spit my flow

    Get the dough

    But rich or poor, I enrich my soul

    I can't forget my bro's, that's unforgivable

    Live as though you can play, that's when you get stripped to ya bare essence

    To finally know your fates stop wastin time and try 2 share lessons

    They're guessin, puzzled muzzled

    By society undeniably subtle

    Technology to make a space shuttle

    Technology to make the earth rumble

    Get a whiff, it smell like trouble

    But Del likes trouble and I don't need a double

    Meet it head on, let's hope it's dead on

    There's a time for dancing and mind expansion

    Tryin to balance, your mind is challenged

    To get past lies and violence

    Lies and silence, wiped out

    Like a surfboard I dun know what hurts more

    Knowin, not knowin, or can't controlling

    But I control my destiny

    In my heart I hold it, I can't let the world get the best of me


    [Verse Three]

    Devastating mic control, Levitating master flows

    Infrared lyrics snipe ya dome, And I write it like a poem

    Notorious like a Poe, a title I have the right to own

    Celebrate elevation, And try to make sense outta these statements

    I'm information inflated

    While emcees done plagerated

    Critics don't buy the records

    Fans do and I respect that

    Del, my signature style is assembled and wild

    he can do what he like it's two of me

    Both sides of the brain

    Watch emcees flow right down the drain

    My special moves will rescue you from mediocrity and popular offerings

    Operating at a high speed, You don't know yet just try me


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