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    The Falcon: "I don't know who that cat is  or why he's got a hate on  
    Cap'; But I sure aim to  
    find out!"  
    Villain: "So bird man! You sneak up from behind; Precisely the sort of  
    tactics I should have  
    expected from you."  
    The Falcon: "Save the conversation  for I am not behind you now  clay  
    Villain: "Out of my way fool! This is good enough for you! And for  
    Flexin' the futuristic style  
    That will devistate minds  
    As I find more elaborate metaphors  
    So meditate  
    Think for a second as I becken  
    Abstract thoughts brought to the surface  
    Watch as I burst this  
    Rhyme flow  
    I design slow moving tempos so the simple minded foes find my flows  
    moving at the speed of light  
    I need a tight  
    Sample so I can dismantle your cranium  
    Play me dumb if you want imbecile  
    I can pick your brain  
    like a grain of sand  
    in an hour glass when its filled  
    to capacity Cassidy  
    Hop-a-long to the song that is strong  
    I'm the massive bee  
    with a twelve foot stinger and I wring you're little wet towel  
    Cause I'm getting foul when I'm meddled with  
    I settle this  
    Violence I silence  
    MC's who continue  
    when you know you will fail  
    Slow snail as I salt ya  
    Then watch ya shrivel up and sizzle cause I'm hard like Gilbralta  
    You're butter-soft so you can park it out ya little chauffeur  
    Cause I go for the esaphogus when I choke ya  
    Broke ya skeletin ya fail again  
    And I'm the victa  
    You can pick the time and the place  
    So you can get a taste of medecin for your medulla cause I school a  
    Ferris Beulla cuttin class cause your style is butt 'n' ass;  
    I pass one to A+  
    And I say hush child  
    cause your plush style  
    Is unstable as a slush pile  
    You ain't down with the program  
    You snow man  
    Me the Homosapien is funky like your toe jam  
    So damn enlightenin I'm frightenin allota men  
    Open up your shutters let the sunshine in  
    Simple Simon rhymin' on the airwaves  
    So scare slays to the rhythm  
    So I give 'em more than a fair trade  
    Verbal blades  
    Slice humans  
    To ribbons cause they're fibbin' so you'll be assumin'  
    That I'm the dopest  
    I focus on the vibes that I conjure  
    Clean up the stains in your brain when I launder  
    Now feast upon  
    the thoughts like a mental plum  
    Maybe you might learn something before I'm done  
    Spit out the pits and hit the flows in the nose  
    Del lets your sub-conscious be exposed  
    Where it like a bullet proof vest upon your chest  
    Even the best hollow tip bullet couldn't make an impression  
    Cause this lesson  
    Is invulnerable  
    Never dwell on the hellish aspects  
    Have fun until you perish  
    Cherish your lifetime  
    This is why I write rhymes  
    To illuminate the ones with the tight minds  
    Sign on the dotted line  
    Spottin fine shelter  
    Step to me wrong and I'ma belt ya  
    Eye for an Eye  
    But you're eye shouldn't cry over spilled milk  
    Feel guilt when you know you're wrong  
    Never sing the song like you know it better than anyone else's  
    Cause that's selfish  
    Learn to admit mistakes  
    Just sit and takes a load off your back  
    Don't this acoustic bass on this track  
    Pack a wallop  
    All up in your face cause I'm the bold kid  
    Check out the illogical styles that I molded  
    Silly-putty syllables  
    That still will pull uplifting  
    The masses the higher plateaus of hip-hop listening  
    Villain: "My red, white and blue foe- I have no desire to kill you,  
    now, not when I can make  
    you suffer all the more by slaying the one you call the Falcon."  
    Captain America: "No way to reach him in time."  
    Villain: "So watch, my friend. Watch and greive. Eh? My weapon's  
    . . Exhausted

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