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    Featuring Hieroglyphics]  
    Mista  twista  get ya  
    every single time when I rhyme like I know so I flow  
    with tha gifted tounge  an encriptic rung  
    new phases to enter the mazes play this  
    two times a day with the dayo  
    day  hey  hey ho with a day light come  
    I plum forgot what a wack rhyme was  
    because I buzz like a bee in the ears of my peers so  
    they know and I know we all know day hey yo  
    day light come and me wanna go home-  
    no tool, no Smith and Wesson  
    just an oppisite so I can pop a bit of  
    shit on the mic when I get on the mic  
    I ricochet a bit on the mic  
    and I like it-  
    Just like the Gulf or World War II  
    d-e-l will say and straight slay anyone who  
    makes advances when I make um heel  
    peel off the anwsers when i'm drilling in your skull like a beaver  
    binito-but I ain't finished  
    till I like to flip side rhymes cause the rhythm gets deminished.  
    I would if I could but I ain't cause I'm dank  
    time for me to lay down the law: who's raw?  
    you saw the blues and the shoes of the writer  
    stronger than a siskel and your like a side bar  
    try to win the lottery before you try to slaughter me  
    because I'm not the g  
    to be stepped to  
    let loose negative bones  
    that my rep crew I let loose negative tones  
    so you better get flows to counter act what we've done  
    proceed more stunts cause I'm hard like a street, son  
    we go and step back as I wreck shop  
    pronounced to break necks of those who won't stop  
    artist-the one who does better they ain't found  
    and if someone else tries to step: I knock that ass down  
    the bigger the batter the bigger the fatter is  
    whenever you figure this nigga is gettin his  
    be real and don't kill my walk with your next thought  
    and answer that your boss-  
    cause that's when you lost  
    keep on losing, amusing many tactics  
    I came to earn more green than Saint Patrick  
    and I make backs if you get caught frontin'  
    never bought a Newport but I'm on the button.  
    I needs no sugar crisp to get swift  
    so what with two sylabols-it's just the positive  
    I steals Souls that try to steal my laddin  
    coming to your brain like I would on a sheet  
    I respond with no distraction when I see one  
    fatter than re-run so what's happennin'?  
    it's not where you from, it's just how you come  
    correct my stacks will get rough to bake  
    get phucked enough to my men like idie midie  
    look in the membrane enough because I am a righty  
    fight these-  
    you'll catch follies if you folly  
    I make shanks to stick fakes I'm dank and you're quaint  
    wack shit puritian surround like ineffectual  
    I get um-blunt style like the heart of homosexuals.  
    not for sex when you cross the intersection you're damaged  
    get bruised knuckles and what you look for  
    bad ones  
    busted a few much more than two  
    a slew of sold ass phonies,  
    bust their cohonies  
    you'll catch my Vans in your highnee  
    that's if my bankrupt slips though I doubt  
    how do you want to convert me in time  
    but I seize more than those candies-nothing gets by me  
    so play them tracks-  
    and you'll go out like beta max  
    next to Tajai cause I kicks the greater stacks.  
    Be deep boom-  
    bob your head to this, mischievous  
    soul socidle,  
    idle chatter never slips off the lips of this writter  
    might not be the greater innovater of the mind scheme  
    but my style is like the visine: it gets your eyes opening.  
    this raggedy andy gets dandy like a lion in the meadow  
    while the teapot blows steam like a kettle  
    the hip to the hop  
    I make up flip when I get drastic  
    stepping with their moods but their flows are pornographic  
    and man with the vocal making the locals go insane  
    the regal rhyming speech substan-nance for the brain  
    get frisky with the phrases like you praises like a deity  
    the one with liberated souls  
    -control for infinity  
    got style much slimma-kids' got a body child  
    Hieroglyphics gonna flip the rhythm for the meanwhile  
    articulate my lingo as I linger in my medium of speech  
    and I could keep poppin cause I'm trying to teach  
    a smidgen of religion to the fraudulant  
    listen, pay attention I'm the master of this convention  
    kick the wigidy while ye style be stutering  
    just like smiley  
    skipping singles down your satur-dreams to bad it seems you try me  
    and I can make it play down into extreme conscienceness  
    plus your wondering extinguish all them myths  
    optimistic, stylistic, mysticness I'm swift like murcury  
    nursing me  
    I show I've got the gift.  
    People call me Snupe: that's because I'm living fat  
    People call me nasty: that's because I eat the cat  
    and I swing a bat to knuckle heads, leaving devils dead  
    never said  
    never cause I cock my head  
    better dreadlock on the top of my head,  
    never flakky  
    if this was a peel then Bodasa couldn't shake me  
    or bake me  
    cause Betty Crocker's oven isn't hot enough  
    if you wanna spread the skins  
    then I got alot of stuff  
    got it? tough-got enough-gotta lick it twice  
    why step? here's a fly rep  
    I kept my step ladder  
    I had a fatter flow to be hittin on  
    now it's just a smidgen like a pidgeon I be shittin' on  
    sittin on a futon...  
    slip the larger roots on  
    I'm the type of brotha that ya have to keep ya boots on  
    I'm sorry cause I didn't mean to dis you  
    I could hook a hoe and make um blow like I was tissue  
    mary had a little lamb, Adam got a lot of doe  
    looking in my garden,  
    schylar got a lotta hoes  
    Yo-I didn't mean hoes, yo I meant women  
    If she got the pooh, I got the trunks: let's go swimming  
    dip dip dive as I'm live  
    moving in on the top of my jock you don't stop  
    here a pimp there a pimp everywhere a pimp pimp  
    this A-plus grades the quiz-so there it is

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