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    KURIOUS: (Talking)  
    Oh man. Bitches  man  bitches! Sick & tired a this shit.  
    You know what I'm sayin'? Want my money  talkin' shit  don't know  
    how to act  phuckin' tired  man. FPhuck'm I gonna do  man? Have to put  
    a foot up your ass? Phuckin' tired of it  man. Phuckin' buy you this  
    buy you that  Phuck that shit! Kurious aint havin' it. Know what I'm  
    Boo boo head  boo boo head, boo boo head  
    I want you dead  
    I want you bled & bleeding  
    needing medical assistance, resistance  
    ya kiss meant nuthin'  
    you was bluffin'  
    stuffin' my brain with insane thoughts & notions  
    most intelligent people freak you  
    because they'll know  
    you'll give ya all  
    give up your drawls  
    flap ya jaws & lyin'  
    & have me cryin'  
    I'll admit it  
    someone before musta shitted down your neck  
    boo boo head  
    but can you be dead?  
    with fled  
    instead of the murda  
    I'll just tell everybody what I heard of  
    word up.  
    D: All a this over boo boo heads,  
    K: All a this, all a this...  
    Back in elementary school  
    you made me drool  
    I was cool  
    & rules were never broken  
    a token,  
    of our friendship  
    all my friends flippin' somersaults  
    the fault was not yours  
    of course, they didn't know, yo  
    grils was yucky  
    clear 'round & get slapped like a puck-y  
    but you never said 'Phuck me'  
    that wasn't in the pictua  
    I couldn't hit ya with ya hair & braids  
    and the games we played  
    were fun  
    till one day a friend said,  
    'Boo boo heads turn red, in the face  
    when you place  
    ya hands on her ass  
    in class, and give a spank  
    a banka full of fun  
    at recess, and be fresh.'  
    OK, I'll try it  
    and die if she does  
    but she did  

    and turned around and socked me like Rocky  
    I feel like a heel for real  
    but now I'm older  
    and told ya to keel over  
    cause now it's different  
    no innocence  
    and women sprints the way  
    you sway to the forces of evil  
    and we will bust that ass fast and quickly  
    I dig G's  
    disrespectin' rep  
    now it's when they shit's come bobbin' brothers  
    try and rob another  
    and I'll rub ya the wrong way  
    let the song play,  
    Ooh, I wanna smack you  
    mack you & attack you  
    even if you black you get no slack  
    call a lawyer  
    boy, ya never knew  
    ya crew is on a mission  
    every weekend  
    freakin' & kissin'  
    with other van ya man  
    lets turn the sands in the hourglass  
    and your power lasts less & guess  
    & take a gander  
    I slander ya name & spread propaganda  
    and I demand ya ta stop  
    hop on a train before pain'll  
    be ya middle name  
    in the game of love & happiness  
    yes, I caressed ya flesh  
    but if you test  
    ya caught out there without a vest  
    mess around and you can rest  
    I found a new boo boo  
    baby, maybe I can crave the  
    one that saves thee  
    reputation, ya'll lets face it  
    ya basin'  
    smokin', leavin' niggas broken  
    & open  
    but I scope in to ya brain  
    gain & remain & clues ya use for protection  
    now who's next in...  

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