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    * erick sermon (of epmd)

    Uh, and you dont stop yeah yeah
    Uh huh yeah yeah ha ha

    [slick rick]
    You know what i'm sayin so i said
    (rick d)

    Uh huh, yeah
    Big brown uh huh, yeah

    You ready?

    [erick sermon]
    Yo, in the y2k, my chips be micro, unlimited
    Me and rick d reap the benefit
    Cars, girls, jewels, innocent
    Next year it'll be old, we get rid of it
    Yeah like that, yeah we knock 'em out the box yo
    Money's deep like the gold at fort knox yo
    Rhyme killer, kill an iller rhyme with no effort
    At you trick a hole your crew (blao!)
    You're mad now huh? you can't stand me
    Now watch when i'm recieving a grammy
    A soul train when i'm getting a sammy
    Davis junior award, fans applaud
    For me, erick onasis, top dog
    The money folder, i'm like don king's promoter
    Ya'll can't see me i'm ariborne type tuskeegee
    Wicked like the board of ouija
    When i step in the door things change
    Everything stops like ya freeze frame
    It's mad hot now, gettin ready to boil
    (rick the ruler!) me, the mc grand royal

    [erick sermon]
    We are, ravishing
    I, impress
    C, courageous or careless
    K, for the kani's that i got
    That i rock everyday, and why, why not?
    [slick rick]
    R, ravishing
    I, impress
    C, courageous or careless
    K, for the kangol's which i've got
    That i wear everyday, and why, why not?

    [slick rick]
    Emotion and hope in the scope
    When the paw print on the button on my brand new garage door opener
    "ungh", as the double r rips through the gutter
    Even 7 day advents scream "that shit's butter!"
    You best remember who's the skipper
    Remember who made girl's joint drop so hard it popped the zipper
    Illusion on no boozin confusion
    Even ghosts like "ruler i'm scared of you son"
    As i lean and dip, dream might seem a bit odd
    Light's just turned red turn green for rick (ya know)
    On a deagon(?) with the stuff in there blastin
    Till the signs on the highway start to wop when i pass them (ohhh)
    Mad boigee funk bed(?) perhaps i fend chrome
    Almost made another rose have an accident
    (the ruler wildin) ladidadi -?- stylin
    On his way to see green eyed buddy on the island


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