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    Keith Murray ]
    Ride wit me, yeah yeah
    Ride wit me (Def Squad)
    Roll down your windows and ride wit me (uptown)
     [ Def Squad and Too Short ]
    Ride wit us
    Bitch ride wit us
    Ride wit us  
    Roll up your windows and ride wit us
     [ Too Short ]
    Lets smoke this Oakland indoe
    Dont roll down the window
    Start the car
    We aint going too far
    You know that big bootied girl you always fuckin wit
    She got a sister I really wanna get
    Some Georgia girls from college park
    You already fucked when we get that started off
    Park in the driveway, it wont take long
    Do it like that it goes on and on
    You know this the kind of shit I know you want
    E made the beat let me show you somethin
    Quite a few haters want to see us played out
    But we got the formula to get payed now
    You cant stand in the way of success
    We got the same job but you make much less
    I remember how it used to be, before we had crack
    If you had a few hundred in your pocket that was fat.
     [ Chorus- Def Squad ]
    If you feel like smokin then
    Ride wit us
    Hop the train with no token then
    Ride wit us
    And if you dont give a fuck then
    Ride wit us
    Roll down your windows and ride wit us
    And if you got five on it then
    Ride wit us
    And if you aint fake niggas then
    Ride wit us
    And if your crew pull triggas then
    Ride wit us
    Roll up your windows and ride witus
     [ Kieth Murray ]
    Aiyyo, I lick two shots thats heard all around the world
    Check how a forty and a blunt can take a nigga girl
    Like E.F. hunting, dont say nothin, Im haunting
    On the micaphone its the eve of destruction
    As the world goes around like Passion
    You get flattened in an orderly fashion
    You was warned like a coming attraction
    I got playa hated, felt liberated
    Put him on the burner cause the nigga violated
    We scamper like guard dogs through the fog
    If you feel like you wanna hop, leap like a frog
    The sergeant general get busy chief
    The fastest way to spell rhyme relief is Keith
    I leave you assed out like a cocaine drought
    Hey yo can I get a witness like Andre Krouch
    Niggas need to stop frontin
    Bitches need to stop stuntin
    Cause they know fuck well they cant stop my production
     [ Chorus ]
     [ Redman ]
    I got the forty acres without the fuckin mule
    Doc Ike Turner givin mics audio abuse
    I smack a big mouth bitch, and her babysitter
    And her lesbian friend, and that nigga wit her
    I dont give a fuck, I smack blood out a midget
    My tactics make evil D say come on kick it
    A black five wit rims, what you can spot me in
    Wanna die I snatch you like Doc Kevokian
    So turn the beat up
    While NARCs got me on sweep up
    Im lucky I usually tote more Gunz than Peter
    I fuck you up to where your forehead will cut meat up
    You wanna box, I square more than Matt Asenerina
    Backstabbing bitches and niggas eat a dick
    Cause you never heard the Doc do (nothin like this) {sung}
    Backstabbing bitches and niggas eat a dick
    Cause you never heard the Doc do (nothin like this) {sung}
    [ Chorus

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