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    Yo, yo, yo...
    Ow! motherfucker, sneakin in your backyard ??
    Wit your daughter, naked, ha ha
    What you know about it, what you know about it

    Yo, why you buggin?
    I stick a 16 shot slug in your ear
    Put it to my dick so you hear me comin
    I.c.u. critical, up on a stretcher
    The 45 undresser, put on the pressure
    You need a bulletproof overall suit to protect your neck up
    You dealin then shuffle the deck up
    Fuck the irs, i'm the nrs
    Nigga revenue service, talico inserter
    Murder, a six letter word to convert a
    Beef you better off flippin beef at fat burger
    Yo keith, pull out the burner
    (he won't move any further)
    Yeah, tannin your body more than white boy surfers
    I carry tools like sears surplus
    So when i spit you catch heart murmurs
    Word, you sweeter than cupcakes
    I concentrate to blow blocks where your crew pump weight
    Each generation, rules the nation
    Rock more spots than a hundred one dalmations
    I'm not a hog i'm a big dog wit big balls
    Lock it down like pit jaws to crenshaw
    Then y'all be like
    He's jiggy like fat bitches wit cellulite
    Chicken might dine like cops
    First of the month these thugs
    Will leave your bones in harmony from the slug
    I beat pussy down when i'm smokin the la
    Bitches leave the room screamin "oh na na oh na na"

    [erick onassis]
    E dog the mic demolitioner
    The black superhero def squad's the clique, we rock shit
    Cuz we flossiest
    No thug cats show us often this
    We the boss in this
    Why think of double crossin this
    Your first joint so wack it made me confused, forget who i be
    I'll catch you eye then, ya heard
    I live the life that's quite chill
    On the hill wit a glass of water and 20 mil
    Believe you me, e
    I got a fresh flow i keep it blazed like dat fo' sho'
    Some cats are sheisty, so i pack toast
    My name aint next and, y'all too close
    The rap emperor, scorchin hot
    Be the temperature, let's see, think i'm funny
    I make you laugh goodfella
    I smack you down in front of your fans
    Then watch the show, in the stands, nigga
    Don't fuck around that's what i mean yo
    Def squad comin through again, el nino

    [keith murray]
    And why should we listen to you, anyway
    You's a sucker mc wit a sucker dj
    I hit you with the all in the hammer
    Cocksucker, niggas in dc say bammer
    Master thrasher, on a binge for revenge
    Make a hardcore nigga cry when i kill all his friends
    And force destruction wit my coalition
    Bang a nigga in the chest for frontin when he should be listenin
    I comes through too true
    Like a half pit, half man, hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!
    Shut the fuck up, fuck you part two
    I kill a rock and put a brick in the hospital

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