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    [erick onasis]
    Whoo!  uhh, ah ah, ayahhh, ahh ahh ahh
    And you don't stop, ahh ahh, word is bond, word is bond
    Now introducin the sound from the ghetto
    E double and too $hort, what the fuck you thought?
    I come with the ruckus, it's my thing when i swing
    I'm born to mack, always strapped, with the black gat
    Who out there i swear boy wanna get touched
    Roll up, and catch a slug to the chest, so duck
    I talk the talk, walk the walk, now nigga
    Five hundred s drivin with hand on trigger
    Crazy lestat, check my track record
    Everything i touch is gold since eighteen years old
    So what that mean?  i rolled the blunt
    And puff the indo smoke in it, i trip in a minute
    Crazy holy doctor holdin me cuz i be rockin b
    Sewin up like monopoly, nobody's stoppin me
    Dig it, funkdafied like brat, how's that?
    I stick and move on tracks while i smoke a twenty sack
    Who said the e can't rock?  that's bullshit
    Suck my dick and get a big fat lick of my balls
    You wanna brawl?    punk i thought not
    You might get beat down and stomped like sasquatch
    Your girl, like keith sweat, i wanna fuck her
    Psych, i already stuck her
    Huh, i got rhymes to make your whole head swell up
    Here's an icepack - homeboy shut the hell up
    I rock the mic with too $hort, y'all niggaz know what's happenin
    Everything he touch goes platinum

    [too $hort]
    I made a half a million in a week
    And every nigga on the street got a tape playin me
    You can't believe it?  erick sermon, rollin with $hort
    Rolled from california all the way to new york
    In big benzes, g hooked it up
    Now we trying to squash all that east/west stuff
    We spent years in the studio makin funky tracks
    Signed a bunch of niggaz with some tight ass raps
    It's like father dom, it's like keith murray
    Makin millionaires but it ain't no hurry
    Cause we all in it for the long run
    I won't leave the studio until a song's done
    And ain't nuthin really hard about gettin my cash
    A big fat house with a million stashed
    You other niggaz got this rap game distorted
    Givin dat's to the label, straight gettin shorted
    Claim you gettin paid, but i can't tell
    You keep rappin in my ear and got me mad as hell
    You talk a good game but i don't believe in you
    You smoked a lotta blunts but i got mo' weed than you
    I guess i see you on the charts in the meanwhile
    Another face in the crowd bustin freestyles
    Wishin you could be in the light
    Promoters pay me ten g's just to breathe on the mic
    Bitch!  $hort dawg puttin it down with the e double

    [erick onasis]
    Shhhhh! you remind me of my fat gold chain
    Some of y'all are just small change
    Be a boss with true true game
    Yeah yeah
    Dig this y'all, my music is dangerous
    Atomic dog, coming through the smog with $hort dawg
    Ahhh!  quick with the trig jack be nimble
    I shoot like g mob goes liftin through my window
    Chik chik pow!  how you like me now?
    The man in the mirror it don't get no clearer
    $hort dawg, the e double, and breed we roll thick
    Like girls in c.a.u. with the good power-u
    Owww!  money is the key to fame
    So i can live it up with the girls on soul train
    The impact, major league dough like dave justice
    Yo breed, $hort dawg, show em how we bust this

    [too $hort]
    Like some true pioneers, don't forget it some nigga

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