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    Def Squad featuring Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Redman---Breaker 1, Breaker 2

    [INTRO / Hook]
    A breaker 1,a breaker 2
    [repeat 7 times]


    I be the Don up in this motherf-----(uh huh)
    I puts it down,I rock 'scapes
    I roll bounce to the ounce(DIE-I!)
    I bring dat physical front(uh huh)
    Believe it I function the paraplegic
    So teach it like if he was playin backgammon
    A new sheriff in town and not Reggie Hammond
    I pack a cannon .snuff nose
    Not for shootin use it for executin
    Lames out there callin my name
    For fame,change ya plan punk refrain
    This tune leaves ya whole crew stuck or stupid
    Dumb and Dumber all this summer
    A newcomer,yeah I take em to check out the Avenue
    Me and my crew went through
    Wooh!Ah-ah!Word is born!Word is born!


    I said "Come on!"(Come on!),"Come on!"(Come on!)
    We's the posse pair so some niggas can get done on
    I'm not the one to funnel,I'm lyrically inclined
    Seriously devine,whatever we G is crime
    Ha!I take it down,make it clear and in your bare lair
    Leaving critical as sang elsewhere
    You wanna get jig-dafied-what it all means
    For such,I tote Glocks in Akarl jeans
    For all means necer-ssary,my blood vessels
    Turns to .specials and cause wind pressures
    I be blowin like I'm Mr.Cool,the invincible
    Keepin my court trials municipal
    The principal my next class will teach you how to roll blunts
    Pick up (Aah!),buddha and Mex tags
    Fifty the less,mo' vex,the Soviets
    Another co-nnect on my Rolodex
    I met my smokin vex,I keep my lyrics smack-daddo
    Cash in your chips then proceed to blast metal
    Next up I believe that's Keith
    Why don't ya get on the mic and rock the symphony


    Well it's the bar slaughterer,telepathical brain murderer
    Comin with the sh-t you never hearda
    Ask yourself the very same question
    Which crew is f-----g with this Squad in this profession
    Your mic's in my possession,I crush you with aggression
    An' I ain't talkin for niggas that learn a lesson
    So why should I sit around and let this fake --- pass my eye
    Fake niggas f-----g up my eye
    Filthy with nasty it's the slog for the job
    Forget any clan said "Who Squad the Mob?"
    Tired of beat-down,shot up and robbed
    Niggas askin why,it's my motherf----n job
    How many ways can I say "I just don't give a f---!"
    Runnin niggas over in every truck
    But my motto is "F---!Get the bottle!Pass the bottle!"
    Bad luck had ya stuck,uh
    I crash ya brain and smash ya spine
    Yeah another hard one to find


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