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    I've got the same Kandinsky prints that my brother's got,
    With the same black frames, like he bought.
    In between them, on the wall is something my girlfriend calls trashy...
    Brownie and the Boo-man got that for me.
    On the wall facing us is a balck-and-white of all of us back in Brighton,
    I remember it like today, but the sun has made it fade...
    Still, I know you know where England is.
    * And I know this ain't home,
    * But it sure feels like home.
    * I know this somewhere is really nowhere.
    I've got a black-and-white t.v., but I don't really see
    The need to burden it with cable.
    0 I got a sofa from the folks, the table I just stole...
    With a neon mickey's sign for no reason.

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