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    I met myself at my own graveside

    I remember looking tired

    But somehow I convinced myself

    That one of us had died

    So I asked me then what I would have

    If hell began right now

    I said an old guitar and a bottle of wine

    A book of verse and vow


    No more, no more

    No more

    No more, no more promises

    A year went by and I lost my soul

    Insanity crept in

    And I will be the first to claim

    I'd thought I found a friend

    But he took more than offered

    And I lost me in the end

    In four more years I looked up

    And I saw that I was him


    Cold on the outside

    Let me in

    We start the year as lovers

    Then it never ends as friends

    One more hour

    She took me down

    I said I love you

    But I lied


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