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    Souls suffer the landscape
    In shrouds of dew, as ghosts.
    Their eternity is for searching
    But a certain dissnsion grows.
    I've seen them wander,
    Voices raised in prayer
    Consorting in whisper,
    They curse the ones not there.
    If you didn't want this and I didn't need it,
    Then how has this interest become an addiction?
    If you didnt want it, then why cant you do without?
    I know I'm not your first one,
    But I pray I'll be your last.
    I've never seen you cry before,
    But I know when I make you laugh.
    I know and you know, you've heard this all before...
    These arms are for holding on.
    This heart won't stray from home.
    I know, I know...
    God tell me, where's my Halo?

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