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    I'm staring at these letters it reminds me how we used to be
    the pages tear but I'm still here and you're without me
    I'm blinded by the summer I pretend that you'll be here
    then I'll take this knife and think about the love we used to have
    I can see there's better days better days ahead
    I can be everything you'll ever need and I'll ask him how it feels to die
    I'm begging for some answers or maybe just some time
    I hope you sit alone and think about the way she really feels
    she'll leave you in the morning I'll put on my Sundays best
    and then I'll call him on the telephone and ask him how it feels to die
    It's all planned out he'll never know I'll sneak around his bedroom floor
    with this dagger in my hand I'll kill him for another chance
    you'll never have the love we shared you'll never know how much she cares
    cause she knows you're nothing more you're nothing more than a way to run from me...
    you'll never know the way it feels to live your life for someone else
    she knows you're nothing more than the way I used to be

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