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    This season, I've felt so lost without you,
    I'm wondering if anything will ever be the same
    I'm dreaming, of all the times I'm with you,
    Driving down this avenue, will never feel the same

    I guess we'll never be the same,
    I'd take on anything just to live with you again
    But since you left that night with him,
    I swear on anything, another bloody Romance.

    This weather, reminds me of those winters
    When we would go out walking though those nights, you'd take my hand
    And who knows what happened in the past,
    But I guess it's for the best, and I hope I'll never take you back

    I stood outside his window, with tears of hope
    Of bringing back my valantine, I know I love you tonight
    I stood outside his window, with my hands aound his throat,
    I knew what I had to do......and I'll do it all for you

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