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    Walking down a country road.
    Picking up a pebble and throw.
    You're finally moving.
    Basketball killed your sentiment.
    I'll race you there and say I never went.
    Bigger than what it wanted to be.
    Those pebbles sure could help things seem.
    Like you're finally moving.
    Fireflies always bring a smile.
    But you're gifted it's an honor child.
    Potential to run the fastest mile.
    But you're tired of running fast so you'd rather walk.
    Open up a box of cracker jacks.
    You know that toy surprise has really made your day.
    Yeah you opened up a box of cracker jacks.
    Thank you my very simple boy.
    Yes I've seen you fly your kite and now I'm walking too.
    For all the boys.
    For all the girls.
    Simple's walking away.

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