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    Beauty frogs and princes dance as one.
    These words are further from the truth than ignorant.
    Boxers squaring off in manly fervor.
    To think the last one standing gains the bone.
    Brush fires small amounts of ash to occupy.
    Firemen ringing bells it's Pavlov's dogs.
    In the lighthouse seamen warn the misty waters.
    Jesus a word that scared but made you thinking.
    Somebody fell I heard the sound of the trees crying in the forest.
    Somebody died a step away from you.
    Somebody walked into the face of a world that they never wanted.
    And nobody thinks that this is even a clue.
    Wall street chutes and ladders gain your favor.
    My world is juggling with this cosmic line-up.
    Sounds like desperate clinging must control freak.
    Answer pick up on line mass technology.
    I'm singing.
    I'm dancing.
    I'm laughing.
    I'm happy.

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