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    You're not mine
    Still there's something I want to let you know
    It's been sang a million times
    In a million different ways
    You know I love you so
    You're very fine
    The way you carry yourself
    I'm sure your mom and dad are proud
    Can we go out tonight?
    I'll treat you nice
    You and I can paint the town

    With you with me
    I believe that I can do anything
    With you with me
    I do believe that I will always be happy
    With you with me
    We can make all my deams come true
    'Cause you with me
    Gives me the stength to see them through

    Since you've said no
    And that you have to go
    I feel so low
    My reason for going on is gone
    It's like I lost my friend
    And my world is coming to an end
    Please help me carry on
    Please don't take to long

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