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    I keep calling on You
    To help me get through
    I can't do it alone
    And Your love makes me strong

    Our relationship
    Is one I won't quit
    You are a dear friend
    I'll stay with till the end

    With You step by step
    I find peace of mind
    Each step's a new start
    Toward all I strive for with my heart
    I'll move on ahead
    With faith in myself
    'Cause I love the Lord
    And I can't stand hell

    Each day is anew
    But I don't have a clue
    What tomorrow will bring
    So in my heart I sing

    Won't You keep me safe
    Just in case
    There's cause for alarm
    And someone tries to do me harm


    Now this song I pray
    Each and every day
    So I don't end up
    Down a lost highway

    I feel safe and secure
    Knowing You're there for sure
    Of that I have no doubt
    So I sing out loud

    Yeah, I love the Lord step by step

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