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    Growing up
    I loved both Rock and Roll
    And Country music
    Then it was clear
    To hear how the two could be
    Easily distinguished

    But just the other day
    I heard a Heavy Metal
    Guitar solo played
    In one of the New
    Country songs

    And as much as I wanna stay
    I just have to say
    I think that's just plain wrong

    Tell me why, oh, why
    Did Classic Country music
    Have to die?
    Where do they get off
    Mixin' Country stories and singers
    With Hard Rock and Pop?

    Am I alone
    In that at times
    It makes me want to cry?
    Oh, tell me why, oh, why
    Did Classic Country music
    Have to die?

    Now, I do have my
    Favorite Rock and Roll
    Styled drummers
    But when I hear one
    Playing in a Country band
    I think they should try another

    I think all Country musicians
    Should learn the formula
    That the Classic Country heroes used

    It's really not that difficult
    The way that
    They mixed Bluegrass up
    With good old Gospel and Blues


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