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    Sad former brother-in-law
    It's such a shame
    How common place
    Single parenting is these days

    Your first mistake
    Was letting work get in the way
    The long hours you kept
    Gave her time to stray
    Imagine what could've been
    Had you been with her to say

    I?ve made all these commitments
    To running this old business
    That you probably think I?ve forgotten
    What?s most important in my life
    The commitment I made
    To spend it with you my wife

    There?s an old similar story
    I probably should?ve told you before
    You see, my father was a real hard worker
    He spent his days and nights doing chores

    But wiser than the new generation
    He knew when enough was enough
    And he never forgot or left lonesome
    The only woman he ever loved
    He'd say to her


    Now, the long nights I spend
    In the honky tonks and clubs
    Doesn?t give me much time for nothin?
    Except singin? ?bout love, and lost love

    But I?ve made myself a promise
    When I find that one special girl
    I?ll find time to be there for her
    So we can share our worlds
    I won?t forget to say


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