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    I Don't know just what I would do
    If my angel decided to leave
    I certainly know though that I'll be blue
    If tonight she doesn't return to me
    Sure I'd miss all the wonderful converstaions she and I've shared together so much
    But when it gets down to it what I'd miss the most is my angel's sweet sweet touch

    I love all the ways my angel touches me
    That's easily understood
    Everytime I'm with her she turns me on
    And never fails to make it all good
    Now don't get me wrong I do most certainly respect my angel's beautiful mind
    But it's her loving touch I'd miss most of all if ever to leave me she were to decide
    Oh, what I'd miss the most if my angel left is how her touch can take me to the highest places
    Now one thing I have to do to keep things tight between my angel and me is be patient

    So I'll stay cool and be hoping that soon she'll be on her way home to me
    And If I must I'll wait her all night, or 'till whenever her return might be

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