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    Who am I?
    I was asked recently
    I'm the man you might see outside one night
    Sleeping on the cold damp street

    What am I thinking?
    Another question posed to me
    I'm so thankful for all of God's loving gifts
    I've gladly and humbly received

    Not everyone is cut out to do these things
    To grab life by the horns
    And take charge of your destiny

    It takes a cowboy like me
    To strike out and chase a poor man's dream
    Stomping one boot heel in front of the other
    Even when the weather's forcast is stormy

    Riches come to me from within
    When it seems I just can't win
    I say let 'em love me or loath me
    Everyone anyway I can't please
    To live like I do
    It takes a cowboy like me

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