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    There may be a lot of different emotional ways to say
    What's I'm feeling in these oh so fucked up days
    Lost in confusion from all the stupid games I've played
    But deep down inside me
    I know it's hate
    It can't be justified
    It's knawing at my insides
    My ugly past I hide
    Is taking me for a lonely ride
    They say everything I do is wrong
    They've cast me out
    And now want me to be gone
    I'm left standing up for myself alone
    To be strong
    But I feel weak GOD
    And I need your grace to help me hold on
    Would you come into me?
    Your beauty I could never be
    But in Jesus I see
    What I need to be clean
    GOD heal me please
    I have so much hatred
    I can't escape it
    I'm fed up
    And I thinks it's all just total bullshit
    All my hatred
    I can't seem to shake it
    And I don't want you to be the one of whom out on I take it

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