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    We're leaving tomorrow
    We'll travel on through the morning light
    Leaving in sorrow
    Carrying something that must get through

    So many waiting
    To hear the news that I have for you
    Won't be relating
    Though it is something that you once knew

    If I tell you I'm not afraid
    I'd be lying to you
    Peace from inside
    That I'm trying to get to
    The warmth of an infinite sun
    Will be lighting my way
    Let in the light
    And the dark leaves you

    I'm gonna let it be known
    I'm gonna let it be shown
    I'm gonna set it free
    Come tomorrow
    I'll be on my way

    We're Grieving tomorrow
    Leaving our home for the circus life
    It has to mean something
    Could never mean more than its sacrifice

    So many wondering
    Why we have come from so far away
    Only to bring you something
    Something already inside of you

    The heart is the temple of feeling
    The mind is the cage of the soul
    The people are blind
    That you follow behind
    Leading you over the edge
    And into the hole

    Singing tomorrow
    The unholy verse of this threnody
    Ringing in sorrow
    Bells of the new fallen sacrilege

    We're bringing tomorrow
    News of the world from a second sight
    The pounding of hooves and black wings
    Burden the beast of our own device

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