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    Voices whisper in my ear
    They take me so far away
    Take away my fear
    Make it disappear

    Everything I ve ever wanted to know
    I thought by mistake that I d understand anything
    So into the spiral cathedral we go
    A promise of something just slightly out of reach

    Crash the waves upon the shore
    How come the rain has to fall
    Someone waits behind the door
    How simple words taken wrong destroy

    Hearing a voice
    Of someone I can t find
    Speaking in words
    That come from inside
    Waiting for so long
    To find what I can t hide
    Calling me
    Come into the light

    Once we begin
    All of us fall to the wind
    Turning and spinning and spiraling
    Echoing on
    Turning and twisting and spiraling
    Soon to be gone
    To the other side
    The dreamscape

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