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    I'm not waving to you
    I'm drowning
    And I hope for you to see
    I'm not waving to you
    I'm drowning
    So why you waving back at me

    I'm so tired of fighting the waves
    I feel like going down
    So desperately trying to be saved
    Lend that hand your waving
    Pull me aground

    As I'm calling out to you
    I wonder
    Why my cry ain't getting through
    Then a thought came to me
    As I'm going under
    Maybe you were drowning too

    I'm caught in a tide of dismay
    That I cannot defy
    There's something you're trying to say
    Now I know you're waving
    Waving goodbye

    So many waves
    So many waves
    So many hands are waving
    So many hands are pulling me down

    My tears
    Raining so long
    Keep on crying
    Keep on crying

    Keep on rising
    Keep on rising

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