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    Some people say
    That the way
    An ever winding journey through the blear
    So far from here
    Yet so near
    Yet so clear

    A light went on in my head

    Sometimes I think
    Many things
    Are far from the way they ought to be
    Sometimes I gaze
    Numb and dazed
    Amazed by what I see
    Sometimes it seems
    A laughing God has played his joke on me

    A light went on in my head

    Spiders in the souls of men
    Spiders in the souls of men
    Mice in the hole
    And lions in the field
    Jackals in control
    And dogs are on the heels
    Vipers in the sand
    Vipers in the sand
    Waiting for you
    Biting at you
    Preying on you
    Coiled around you
    Poisoning you
    Constricting you
    Jaws unhinge to
    Swallow you alive

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