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    A skeleton made of houses
    Something out of the nothingness
    Will be born
    Asleep for a thousand years
    Taking form
    Stone by stone
    Stone by stone

    Something is starting to breathe
    Something is coming alive
    What which should never be
    Spawned by the demon seed
    Don't let the fetus survive

    Spine that is twisted
    Winded and withering
    A mouth full of war
    Contorted and gibbering
    Fist full of promises
    Cracking and splintering

    Her Claws will be made of missiles
    Machine guns and aeroplanes
    Blood stains and honest faces
    Stone by stone

    Veins will be made of highways
    Telephone wires
    Entangle the mire below
    Stone by stone

    Something is starting to feed
    Something beginning to thrive
    Don't set the demon free
    Don't let it ever be
    Don't let it eat us alive

    Bullets and war faces
    Twisting and tattering
    Towers are shaking
    Unmaking and shattering
    Gears of the gold machine
    Quaking and clattering

    Feeding on hate
    Feeding on innocence
    Feeding on weakness
    Feeding on violence
    Feeding on hope
    Feeding on need
    Feeding on charity
    Feeding on greed
    Feeding on lies
    Feeding on tears
    Feeding on bad intent
    Feeding on fear
    Feeding on you
    Feeding on me
    Feeding on everyone
    Feeding on everything

    The grand tribulation
    Elation of misery
    The devils gestation
    We tend through the centuries
    A surrogate sanctum
    In spiraling entropy

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