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    Dressed in white In painted smile
    Summer breeze

    You feel
    You taste
    The stars the Sun and space
    So blind not to find
    The sublime
    Color of my world

    In bitter green
    She comes to me
    From dark serene

    This pill
    You taste
    It scars upon your face
    So many times we left behind
    The sublime
    Color of my world

    My world

    Turning in the void
    Like a big bright nothing
    Tumble like a stone
    Follow anywhere the wind blows

    Pail lights and
    Short sighted
    Black ties and
    Bleeding lips and
    Street signs and
    L. A. Times and
    One track minds
    A sight into my world
    My world
    Circling the Sun
    Like a great white vulture
    Angels in vertigo
    Falling through the indigo sky

    Can you see that the world is faded
    Can you see that the whole thing's coming down
    Does it taste like the clouds are seeded
    Did you hear that the bombers are Heaven bound

    In red so frail

    Your tears erase
    That smile upon your face
    Can't elide
    The mortified
    Color of my world

    My world

    Crumbling away
    Like a cheap toy
    Laying in the street
    Getting kicked around
    Breaking down
    Breaking down

    It's breaking down
    Breaking down

    Black lists
    And white lies and
    Purple mountains
    Silver skies
    Hard times
    Failing grips
    War crimes and
    Fleeting trips
    Blue yellow red
    Blue yellow red

    War crimes
    And fleeting trips

    In sharp graphic

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